ETF detailed breakdown

I would like to see more info under the ETF such as underlying assets, past performance, dividends, management fees ect…

Even just a brief description of the ETF perhaps location and the fund manager


It would be nice to see more information for ETF instruments, I was also asking about it.

Hopefully, after the releases from this month they can focus on this subject as well.


They should add at least if dividends are reinvested or distributed and most important the expense ratio. Hopefully sooner than later. Fingers crossed.


It does tell you if the fund is accumulating or distributing.

Sorry, but I don’t really agree with this thread at all. Same goes for stock/company data. If you are doing your research on ETFs and stocks using T212 then you are doing it wrong.

You should be doing research on stocks and ETFs, then see if it’s available on T212, and if not request it.

Why? What’s the difference between going onto let’s say Yahoo and researching a stock’s fundamentals or using the same details that show on T212?

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The history of data is not very long on T212, so it doesn’t really tell you that much. And looking at this data is only half the story. Yahoo and T212 can be useful if you want to take a glance or pull some quick numbers from, but this is not a fundamental analysis. It’s a financial one. Making a buy or sell decision based on this is ridiculous. Especially if you don’t understand the accounting standards behind how they were prepared, which does differ globally.

Nick i have to disagree, not for all ETFs you can see in description if it’s accumulating or distributing. Take for example VUSA. Also for basic information like expense ratio and maybe market cap you should not go yahoo or whatever.
For detailed information I agree you can go to Yahoo or Vanguard directly.