New feature : More ETF information in app 👀

You can now view more information about iShares ETFs in the app including:

  • Top 10 holdings
  • Sectors
  • Regions


Absolutely brilliant, what I asked for near the beginning.

Not only top 10 holdings but you can expand to show all of them. And even click on any of them to view them individually.

Superb feature, thanks T212.

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Surprise :smile: We’re glad you like the latest improvement :raised_hands:


Yes, it’s fantastic thanks. Will it also be available on the web (I can’t see that it is unless I’m missing it) or just app?

As you may already know, we’re working on a complete overhaul of the web app. We will definitely consider including this feature once we roll out the update. Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see added on the web app in the meantime :pray:


i’m glad someone asked the web app question as that is my go to place for T212 given the bigger screen size and real estate. i do have a question or 2 though

  • like all ETF pages do, can you please include or confirm the “as at” dates of the data you provide on the ETF’s page please? in times of market volatility and generally too, it becomes an important indicator for people like me who rely on replicating parts of ETFs
  • maybe also the source of the data too?

Hi T212 team

First of all, thanks for adding this feature!

Will this feature gradually be applied other asset managers (Amundi, Lyxor, HSBC etc.) ETFs as well?

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Thanks for the suggestions, @H2T2 - we’ll consider both of them for future updates. When it comes to the source, the data displayed within the app is utilised from Blackrock.

Yes, that is the plan - we’re looking into providing data for other issuers as well. The ETF asset data is currently available only for ETFs issued by iShares.


It seems that my previous post got some response from T212. Only 7 days between:

Great news!!! :wink:

→ With this new feature, it would be more easy to develop Portfolio Management Tools, just see my previous post:

and how old is the data we look at?

i.e. say if i’m looking at the data right now at 2pm UK time, the data is correct/updated as of _________ ?


This is brilliant! Thank you. Looking forward to rollouts to other managers.

We aim to update the information as provided by Blackrock, and the update periods may differ in different sections :pray:

Why only Blackrock?

Do you have to get access directly via the providers or are you building your own pipes to access the data?

If the first… that’s a job

If the second… that’s a job

Either way this feels like a long wait to get it for ALL ETFs on T212, right?

Really cool update but the data is not there for a lot of popular ETFs.
Vanguard - VUSA for example is one of the most popular ETFs in EU and it is not there which is a bit weird.


Glad you like it, @mati24! The data currently covers iShares products, but we aim to expand the list of ETF providers soon.

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You can buy this data initially at least from several providers. I can find at least 2 commercial options (several are non commercial only) just by a quick Google. Saves you building what is likely a massive and ever changing database and connections.

@Bogi.H, @Momchil.G and the team, can this info be added for the (VUSA) Vanguard S&P 500?

We have plans to offer a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the ETFs from other providers, so we’ll consider the ETFs from Vanguard, too.

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Thing with Vanguard is they only updated Monthly… so now (30 Jan) is only showing 31st Dec… bit annoying : Vanguard Asset Management | Personal Investing in the UK

Hi everyone :wave:

We have recently introduced an ETF data section for the WisdomTree funds on the app. This means that 500+ more funds now have ETF data. Key points :point_down:

  • ETF data is available for WisdomTree ETFs listed on European exchanges.
  • The data is provided by WisdomTree themselves.

Some data sections may not be displayed if they do not apply to the specific ETF product.