Adding Stop loss to market order

Could we see if it can be changed so in invest you could set your stop loss at time of order like on cod as been caught out so many times by your system not processing the stop loss and just hanging and then the trade goes against you and then you can’t even sell because the stop loss hasn’t been auctioned!

@bunnyrunuklovesjazz If I’m not mistaken, are you referring to having the ability to set pending orders to be executed at a specific time rather than at a specific (target) price?

When you set a market order it would be nice to set a stop loss ie at a dollar/cent trigger or % trigger below what the market order goes through on at the same time ,as at the moment when the market order is fulfilled at whatever price you get you have to rush and set a sell stop order with a price as quickly as you can see incase the price goes against you ,specially as recently when you go to set a stop loss it just hangs I have personally lost money on several occasions recently because the stop loss just hangs and you can’t get out of the position quickly

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