Advantages/Disadvantages of adjusting baskets

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Title says everything, let me know what your experience is.

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Hi, I’m playing in these days a bit with some Pies in demo mode. I think it’s a bit annoying to rebalance the pies by using the cursor, because it’s difficult to obtain exactly 100%. I don’t know if it depends on the relatively small screen of the phone or because some shares cannot be fractionated as I would like. In my opinion, it would be easier to have as an alternative the possibility to type the % weight of each share, instead of moving those tiny cursors with the fingers

@mmaatt78 you can already do just this on the mobile app. click on the % at the end of the slider when editing your slices and a cursor appears, your keyboard should then load up as well to let you type.

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Ops!!! Thank you Dao…now it works way better!!!

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