Pies & AutoInvest - New Updates

We’ve made some improvements so that you can make even tastier pies :pie:

Here is the list of changes we made:

  • The weight of the smallest pie slice has been adjusted from 0.5% to 0.1%, giving you more options to diversify your portfolio.
  • Limits on the number of shares you can import or export from your pie have been removed.
  • Pie holdings can now be exported in a CSV format. Just press and hold the “Holdings” circle.

  • Auto-adjusting the weight of all slices to 100% is now possible. To do so, press on the “pie chart” next to the “Minimum Investment” section.

  • Accessing the instrument details page can now be done directly from the “Holdings” tab.
  • Changes in value allocations in the ‘Custom’ and ‘Self-balancing’ methods will be saved if you decide to switch between distribution methods.

We’ve also prepared some new articles where you can read more about accessing investments straight from your pie and modifying target values.


Amazing work, I see a lot of strongly requested features being added.


I wish me in addition to do it overall my investments, no matter whether they are in a pie or not.

In the exported CSV-file:

The dividend columns are only filled with values in the total row. Is it a bug?

In the exported CSV-file:

Can you please also export the full name of the instrument in an additional column?

Thank you for the suggestion, @Shorty68DE - it has been passed forward!

I’ll DM you so we can check this further. :pray:

is this only for the mobile apps for now? not the web version?

Yes, @H2T2. The new updates are regarding the mobile application. :pray:

thanks for the clarification. any plans for the web version?

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@H2T2 We can’t commit to an exact ETA at this time. Nevertheless, I’ll let you know if there are any updates :v:

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Can we this also get?

Hey, @Shorty68DE - did you perhaps have something like this in mind? :thinking:

Hello @B.E,

I mean a list of the all holdings in the account, not the transaction datas.

In principle, the function that exports the holdings of a pie. But I would like to get the holding list over all pies and all manual investments (shares out of a pie).

@Shorty68DE, I’ll send you a DM so we can discuss this further :ok_hand:

Hello @Bogi.H,

thank you for adding the name column in the file! :+1::pray:

This file includes only the holdings from the pie on which I long tapped. This is ok.:ok_hand:

But in addition this same list I want also for all my holdings in my account, regardless of that the instrument is in a pie or not in a pie.

Also as I can export the history of all my transactions I want this list for all my holdings in my account.

I hope I was able to explain a little better what additional function I me wish.

Otherwise ask me!


Is there any news for the list of instruments in the account?

@Shorty68DE, I’ve passed on your suggestion already. We’ll review it, and once there is any news, I’ll let you know.

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