Advice with the cury share price

Sales were up during FH1 earlier this year, buyback scheme started in later half of year.
Reduction of debt seems significant for past three years. Healthy EBIT. Brokers have a reasonable forecast too as an added bonus, although with a pinch of salt.

Trading announcement due this week but investors have been selling shares. Bit puzzled with this one. Have a feeling i’m missing an obvious marker. Seems reasonable at first glance. You guys have any thoughts?

I recently had a bit of a mare shopping with them. They are so disorganised.

Went in to buy a phone using vouchers for Curry’s, but it wasn’t in stock. They did have a carphone warehouse section, which low and behold, did have the phone in stock.

Even though I was buying the same item from the same group, they couldn’t let me use the vouchers so I walked out.

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They have a pretty large electrical stock as well as phones. PS5’s have been selling like wildfire apparently especially run up to xmas season. Plus im thinking more electrics for people WFH more. Never used them myself. Upgrade my phone each time with EE, dont even go to a shop. Any excuse to avoid shops for me tbh.

I wonder if your experience is shared by others. Will have a dig around. Seems like a pretty household name to me, have been for years. Theres not much info or analysis on them though. Which is concerning. Wouldn’t bother for long term investment with them.

What am I missing with this stock. Im missing something. What is it?! lol

Chip shortages - the lead time is now above 23 weeks, which will impact almost everything they sell.

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I think that must be the cause for the sell off. The CEO has been very optimistic especially since their trading announcement. So perhaps I am being too bullish when I know better. It’s a cheap stock. Maybe for good reason