OCADO price dip

What do you guys think of OCADO price dip, after the legal action from autostore ?

I feel like this is the right moment to buy some shares of OCADO.

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I think its a good time to buy/hold. Wouldn’t pay more than £25 a share though until I’ve seen some more recent financials to justify.

11th February looks like the date of the annual financials, here’s hoping for a quarterly update released later this month.

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10th December is the QTR 4 trading statement according to their website

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They’re still up for the month and the valuation still looks pretty expensive.

Although I appreciate we are in the world of crazy valuations in the tech space.

They’re a funny company really, in terms of what is the future for them? If you deem the future to be in simply groceries (which it clearly isn’t) then the valuation is crazy. There must come a point when they have to justify the market cap and they did IPO ten years ago also.

In the tech space it’d be good to compare them against similar companies but I can’t think of any? Can anyone else?

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