After hours and pre market

Has anyone seen the new feature on after hours and pre market - made available on the app since this morning.

I think this is super cool but my only gripe is the colour of the after hours purple looks the same as the grey for UK or other non US equities.

On a black theme extremely hard to differentiate.

Trading212 please can you change to a brighter colour for the after hours please?

We’d love to explore ways to increase visibility. Do you have a particular colour in mind that you think will work better? :thinking:


how do you use it? is there a tutorial?

Sorry for the late reply, @gelicv.

You can check this article for more information on extended market hours. :v:

The purple isn’t great… maybe you could make it Pink or Trading212 blue?

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll see what we can do :heavy_check_mark: