Out of Hours Trading (Pre & After Market)

Does anyone know what is T212’s progress of introducing the option to trade equities during pre and after market hours?

Last similar post I found asking the same question was back in Jan-21 but still no update.

There’s meant to be a reason why big stock news or earnings are issued after market close, but if you have access to after market like couple other platforms offer, then it’s a HUGE advantage but more importantly, puts us T212 users at a disadvantage.

Surprised there isn’t more users chasing for updates on this feature.

T212 - I strongly believe users would even be open to additional fees for trading during pre/after market - it’s that important. Could you please provide an update on this.



I was going to ask the same question today and I’m glad you did.

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Unfortunately, It’s not expected to happen by the end of the year for Invest accounts. We’re currently focused on the quality of the services rather than new implementations. Nevertheless, it’s in our future pipeline.


Ok thanks for the response. I will be back asking for an update 1st Jan! :wink:

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