Aiki - ambl - bngo - worx

Hello guys,

I have started to add more weights in those stocks, I would like your opinions.

  • AIKI
  • AMBL
  • BNGO
  • WORX

BNGO is pure P&D that I know. I’d imagine back down to 0.5

Am I salty I didn’t hold some before the pump, yes I am. :sweat_smile:

This is not healthy.

Would have been a nice 1000%+

OH my!!! Bad luck. AIKI they have said it will follow the others. thats said


BNGO will be down 25% today going back to 5

Ok make that 35% blimey

you were perfect … I think I see potential in this stock

BNGO has bounce twice on that 4.5, large buyer support atm