Ocado stock price drop?

any one know why the stock has dipped slightly? and news on them? i just bought into it and slight concern.still on down ward but not a sharp decline. trying to work out do i sell half off… to improve any loss.

Based on looking purely at the charts its currently over bought on the daily chart.

The green line represents the 50 daily moving average line. Orange 100, red 200. As you can see its well away from that currently so I would be expecting a pullback.

The bottom RSI chart showing 75, its best to buy in below 40 and ideally under 30.

Heres the 4h

ok so its healthy move then might say a correction. thanks :wink:

From a pure guess if I hide the other lines it seems to like the 100 SMA. So potentially bouncing off the 2600. I’m not taking any other factors into play. So take with a pinch of salt.

Couldn’t see any news. I’m doing ok still :slight_smile:



Very nice, envious of that position :+1:

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cheers, been going up a lot recently so was expecting a pull back any day and it’s happened now with possibly more drop to come. who knows.

:wink: very nice indeeed. not quite that much here !!

Nice trader, is that your biggest position.

thanks. no. I have some more bigger positions.

is this an over sold stock now trying to find a new price base? also the virus situation mab in some way causing this change of momentum. my belief is unless something has changed this stock will return given time. … I hope ! i just got another load added -just before the 2nd drop.

so it looks like theres some noise going on news ,could be the reason for a decline , much same as boo hoo , but will return back as the smoke clears.

Let’s be fair here… it’s down 1.3%…! And even the initial drop was only 5%. That’s a bloody good recovery.

Oh well, entry point nullified.

article here if anyone hasn’t seen it

Hasn’t this stock just gone hyperbolic. It’s ocado…I’ve never used actually a lie (once) when I was given a discount, don’t know anyone that uses them. Yes, I am not a peasant either I am just frugal lol.

it has a robot tech side which is where the interesting bit is. In fact Tesco say it is not even a grocery store to compare against anymore. (so the Tesco managers can get their performance bonus)


Hahaha I like that

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