Boohoo or boopoo? Help

Why did this drop after posting those earnings,?

This makes no sense.

Lot of profit taking, for the last 3 months absolutely everyone and anyone has been holding boohoo until they “smash earnings”

Also as with most analyst expectations of earnings these days, the market expected a beat anyway.


No rush to sell boohoo, today report just confirmed that this company is a long term winner.
Long boo !


Im not in boohoo but been :popcorn: it for awhile.

Looks like another buying opportunity soon. Daily RSI at 30

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Missed the 218 making breakfast. Might be another chance.

I think it’s a good buy, fundamentally the company has some great figures. End of the day the people buying their product don’t care. This is a blip and lyttle has dealt with these issues at Primark.

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220 > 260 would have been a nice easy play this morning if I was on the ball.

I think it’s potentially going to drop again before it starts recovering. Today was a bit of dead cat bounce from the panic.

Either way I agree by early next year it’ll be back at 400. So a buy and hold is a good move for those that have patience.

I don’t know if I have that patience to lock money in for a few months. A fairly safe 200 > 400, double your money.

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Phil short term, cardboard packaging manufactures are a good play. Smurfitt/ DS etc. I wanted to go long on smurfitt last month but they weren’t on here :sob:

They will have mad earnings

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Boohoo drops again on gold news, Tree Shake? Building stocks for anticipated buys?

:man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

I’m not in Boohoo I don’t touch those stocks tbh

Booooooohooooooo dot com

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BOO.L just earned a spot on my pie. This company is on a mission to create a mega-marketplace.

What are current thoughts on Boohoo?
At a P/E ratio of around 51 according to Yahoo (63.75 on T212) it might be quite expensive, considering that there may not be anymore lockdowns in the UK so the competition of physical storesmay eat into its revenues.

On the other hand, it has acquired the websites of a few big names lately which it will incorporate to its offerings and may allow it to target other age groups and hence expand its potential customer base.

They’re targeting a revenue of 4bn who knows ?

It’s looking more like a Boopoo than Boohoo so far

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I dunno why anyone would buy a clothing stock that’s not Fast Retailing. Definitely Boopoo

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recent analysts seems to suggest huge upside - question is how reliable are they?

Barclays and Berenberg tend to be the most accurate if any and Barclays is pretty low.

It’s really getting harder to analyse stocks right now cos every bad performance is blamed on brexit, supply chain issues and covid which are all valid points - cant wait for the dusts to settle to expose bad management for what it really is!!

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Are we heading for zero :rofl: