Boohoo or boopoo? Help

Why did this drop after posting those earnings,?

This makes no sense.

Lot of profit taking, for the last 3 months absolutely everyone and anyone has been holding boohoo until they “smash earnings”

Also as with most analyst expectations of earnings these days, the market expected a beat anyway.


No rush to sell boohoo, today report just confirmed that this company is a long term winner.
Long boo !


Im not in boohoo but been :popcorn: it for awhile.

Looks like another buying opportunity soon. Daily RSI at 30

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Missed the 218 making breakfast. Might be another chance.

I think it’s a good buy, fundamentally the company has some great figures. End of the day the people buying their product don’t care. This is a blip and lyttle has dealt with these issues at Primark.

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220 > 260 would have been a nice easy play this morning if I was on the ball.

I think it’s potentially going to drop again before it starts recovering. Today was a bit of dead cat bounce from the panic.

Either way I agree by early next year it’ll be back at 400. So a buy and hold is a good move for those that have patience.

I don’t know if I have that patience to lock money in for a few months. A fairly safe 200 > 400, double your money.

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Phil short term, cardboard packaging manufactures are a good play. Smurfitt/ DS etc. I wanted to go long on smurfitt last month but they weren’t on here :sob:

They will have mad earnings

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Boohoo drops again on gold news, Tree Shake? Building stocks for anticipated buys?

:man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

I’m not in Boohoo I don’t touch those stocks tbh

Booooooohooooooo dot com

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BOO.L just earned a spot on my pie. This company is on a mission to create a mega-marketplace.