Aim stock buy price discrepancy

Talking about Hornby Plc.
Set it last night to buy a few shares (purely because it’s my name :slight_smile:)

Last night price 66p, immediately up to 70, down to 66 at 8:10am then 68.
Remained 68 from 8:35 to present at 9:15.

Buy was executed at 9am exactly at a price of 70, despite price at time being 68.

Is there a reason it’s belatedly bought at the 8-8:05 price?

Only £10 bought for fun so it’s not an issue but if it was more value it would be - it’s auto down 7% immediately with sell price of 65 below the current 68 price.


Stock prices are only indicators of the stock’s value, it’s the last price paid. On these low liquidity LSE AIM stocks, the price you pay could vary greatly. And with a wide spread you’re going to lose a good bit of money immediately anyway.
If you want a certain price, you should use limit order to say the maximum you’re willing to pay

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