AirBnB - Who's looking to get in at launch?

80% of what I’ve read seem to rate ABNB as a buy at open of you can get filled early enough.

I’m going to try and get some.

Anybody else like this stock as a great long term?



Hope Trading 212 will add this to CFD as soon as it is available.


Too many regulatory issues surrounding AirBnB for me. Government authorities are hammering down on them, especially in Europe. Also AirBnB had originally considered a direct listing, but then moved to an IPO which says to me they’re strapped for cash, and more importantly, they’re not getting any private investment.

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It’s tricky one really, for the short term I think it will be a stock detached from fundamentals and feasibility. There’s obviously a lot of risk with it but I’m assuming sentiment will drive it.

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I think you could be right. The hype will likely drive it. I’m steering clear though and letting the dust settle before reality hits and a realistic price is found. I may reconsider then.

That being said, I might jump in on a few CFDs on the day of IPO in hopes of a quick profit.

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That’s probably not a bad shout, it’ll certainly be interesting.

Despite the debt level and potential tax issues, the growth is still pretty impressive.

Here are two interesting articles about Airbnb’s future and potential troubles ahead.

They have a lot of investors:

Anything recent? In that screenshot financing seemed to stop roundabout when COVID kicked off. And the most recent was debt! I’d be curious if they had more recent financing. I’m not sure why they need an IPO if they had enough financing.

I will be buying ASAP but warning. There was hype over XPENG went they released. yet they plummeted from $22 to $13(I held and they are now way above that.) I May put in %50 then put the rest in once things have settled down.

AirBnB - Who’s looking to get in at launch?

definetely not me, but hype trains are strong this year, so I guess it’ll be over IPO price till the time it is tradable by retail.


Why there is no airbnb or door dash on the app yet? Whats the point of trading it after everyone is gonna pump it in the 1st day, no need for it later lol

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Because they’re not trading until Wednesday/Thursday.

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As I understand it, DASH is Tuesday and ABNB is Thursday, likely some time in the afternoon.

For example, SNOW opened at about 4:30pm UK time, which is 11:30am EST (USA).


Air BnB either just recently or is due to go public.

Potenitally a very big player.


Welcome to the community mate. First tip would be to use the search function for keyword of what you’re looking to discuss - currently lots of chat on the ABNB IPO here.

I’ll move this thread there for convenience and you can get involved.

The fundamentals are not that bad and the growth potential is significant, but probably it will be very overpriced at the time retailers will be able to buy it.
I’m planning to jump in but I will be cautions about the entry point, it might be the case to wait few days for people realizing the profits and then get a better price.

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New to investing. but talks of it being traded are around 7:30pm (uk), will I be able to grab some shares immediately or is there going to be sort of a waiting period ?

It took me many attempts for palantirs IPO (30th sep) so i guess its just a case of sending repeat buy requests until rejections stop?

Is still someone here with airbnb?