Alert if Pie falls a given %

If my pie dips -10% (or some other set value) give me an alert (in the same way I can get a stock price alert) So that I can buy the dip!


I like this idea, I also considered requesting an Emergency ‘Sell All’ red button (with a password confirmation). Then thought it would probably result in me panic selling and actually losing more money!

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I like the idea, but I think a pie is more intended for the long term where you shouldn’t micro-manage it.

If a pie falls down 10% probably the whole market is selling off. If you look at indices for the past 15-20yrs, they have gained over 80% while having some major recessions. And if markets go down that fast, you probably already know and an alert isn’t needed.

Buying when the market is going 10% down is not really a micromanagement, I support the idea. But I’m still waiting for PIE on desktop :frowning:

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Confused, It would be short term if you where looking to buy and sell.

The use case that I am proposing is that being alerted to falling prices allows you to buy more and lock in more investment for when the market recovers. In addition to the regular payments. (Which I still think it would be a good feature to be able to bring forward the next deposit if the market has fallen for a specific pie but thats another idea)