Pie - Sell/Buy stock - feedback

Hi there,
I am struggling a bit with the concept of pies. because it seems to be forcing myself to do things I am not comfortable with (at least I couldn’t find a proper explanation).
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the pie idea, but it seems to be forcing you to sell/buy when you want to do something with a particular stock.
It would be way more useful if I can get rid off or buy a new stock without the need to rebalance. Yes, I understand that is a very good option and some might really like it, but I wand to be able to buy and add and the percentage chosen be the representation of the pie not forcing you to rebalance to be able to represent it as 100%. I tried to sell a stock today and could not have that cash available to other things, other than rebalance. I think that is pretty bad, If the pie is unbalanced because I sell/buy, I should not be forced to rebalance. The pie would be unbalanced that that is my own problem. It sounds pretty good for trading 212 but bad for user who does not have the cash in hands. I am someone that will not create a pie again until I have the flexibility to do what I want to do with my pie unless it is clear the steps to do so because right now it seems pretty unknow.



Yeah, honestly I feel the same. I made myself a big pie last week, with basically all my assets in it and I was really excited about it, but today I considered basically selling it all (even though I wouldn’t want to sell everything), because it was so annoying that I barely had any handle over what happened to my portfolio and I couldn’t figure out how to sell one stock from it without touching the rest. It should at least be available to either sell an individual asset and for the pie to automatically recalculate automatically, or to be able to sell, and the amount of money/percenage being available unfilled or stg.

It is a very basic principle to be honest. You remove one piece of the pie and the rest becomes the 100%. The auto balance should be optional, not mandatory. Moment you force users to sell/buy with no freedom otherwise, is asking for trouble because loads of users will feel frustrated and will abandon the idea.

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Its maybe another feature you are looking for right, the option when your pie total is less than 100%, for anything to be considered cash, until you decide to replace something you sold with another stock, or rebalance?

There is a Fund Distribution feature on my pies when I buy/sell, and I can customise if I want to buy/sell by the weightings I have set, to self balance to the targets I have set, or custom pick stock weightings.

Can we have actionable assets withing pies? Same as the investment tab, for example, to be able to click on a particular asset and buy or sell when the time (chart view)is right without having to buy or sell other assets while needing to adjust the pie back to 100 and rebalance.

Does it make sense? I have a pie without funds and want to control when the assets are bought especially with so much volatility lately.

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I think for now the only way you can sell is to Export the asset from your Pie and then sell it. It is an extra step that most likely will be considered as they build up the functionality of Pies.

What I have found useful (and I believe based on other topics here on the forum this is the intent of how Pies function) is that you have multiple Pies. Don’t use Pies as your overall Portfolio Management. Use Pies as sub-categories inside your Portfolio such as time based categories (Next Years Trip, 5 Years Buy X, 30 Year Retirement) or market categories (Technology, Semiconductor, Cloud, Energy etc)

You should not sell but export your assets from that Pie and create smaller Pies where you can import your assets back in. Or export and not use Pies.

I am sure Trading 212 are reading all these comments and taken them on board to further develop Pies in the near future. Hoping to see these by the end of the year :crossed_fingers:

I’ve seen that option(export), but what it does exactly? for example, if I export all pieces, do they become just part of your portfolio?

This might explain it better that I can. Hope it helps

Yes, that is what happens.