Limit orders within a pie

Hi, I couldn’t find a similar topic.
It would be fantastic if on top of the autoinvst, we could specify some conditions for every single position within a pie (or for the complete pie itself), in which if the position loses x% we buy the dip (even if that means that it wouldn’t be balanced.

Is that functionality in the pipeline?
If so, is there an estimated date of release (even beta)?

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Limit order pie

It has been mentioned before, I remember more of a discussion on it but can’t seem to see it

Not sure if a function like this makes senses or better if one can realize it.
What should be the ruling part when reinvesting ? the limit or the allocation ?

Despite, i do not think that it really makes sense in pies, as this is a tool to invest long term and the idea here is the dollar cost averaging…

Always remember:

Timing the Market will never beat time in the market !

Hence do not think that this makes sense nor that this will be a priority for the T212 team, there is much more important things they should cover first :wink:



The biggest reason it doesn’t make sense to me is it completely goes against self balancing. If you’re not letting it complete it’s orders it needs to do then what’s the point in the pie


I agree that it isn’t what pies are for.

But who am I to tell anyone how to invest 🤷

Another one who agrees. Think long term. With fractional shares and trying to buy a little lower in price, how much does that make a difference in 15-20 yrs? It’s like less than one waterdrop in a bucket.


Agreed, pies are not thought for that.
However, suppose I have a nicely balanced pie, but suddenly a stock that I am bullish about loses 15% of its value: my only option at the moment is to buy it outside of the pie.

The problem that I see is that if this buying the dip happens 40 times with 25 different stocks, it starts to become difficult to keep an eye on your total portfolio allocation (that includes pies as well as single stocks bought outside of the pie).
Thatàs the only reason why I am suggesting this functionality.
I guess, alternatively I would be happy with a display with the percentages of every position I have…

I see same people always negative, limit orders exist in platform, it shouldn’t be much effort to implement for pie stocks.

If you think it is against “pie logic” don’t use it, I guess same logic could be said for buying toilet paper on sale, why do it once when during life time you buy it million time, well I personally always buy it on sale. I think it saved cash for few lunches.


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I think it would be a good feature to have, even if only some use it and some don’t.

I would personally setup auto-invest and then an additional investment if it dips beyond a certain threshold.


a continuous drop of water can erode the most solid of rocks

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