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yes yes, that’s what i got too, eons ago when i tried it out which is why my stake account just sits there doing nothing.

It was an error on Stake yesterday only… you had to be quick… I bought every ARK ETF yesterday without accredtation… Stake have now fixed the error and the usual “warning” screen pops up…

You had to be quick…

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You teased us with your post, as if it was not a fleeting thing due to a Slack mistake.

For example…TODAY… go to the IBUY ETF… and go to that screen that should throw an “accredited investor” screen… and…BOOM

Hi David,

Could you please add baidu stock. Also add ark etfs

Pls search for ark etfs on the forum - not going to happen.

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A reminder to everyone…


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Baidu is on the app in Invest.

Hi Rugel,

Thanks for the reply.I actually wanted to buy in isa account and baidu is not there…

If you have a quick search you’ll find why it isn’t.

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If everyone who has requested Ark ETFs here, over the last god knows how long, channelled that energy into an email to Ark themselves requesting distribution to the EU and EEA, it might have been available by now.


I found this new article on ARK (9 February 2021). It talks of ARK coming to Europe.

it is surely only a matter of time before Cathie Wood and Ark Investment Management bring its range of active ETFs to European investors.

the lack of UCITS ETFs means Ark is losing out to other ETF issuers in a market where thematic ETFs are in hot demand.

Cathie Wood and Ark should look to European ETF market following US success

Also contains this thought:

`Whether this performance can continue in 2021 and beyond is certainly debatable. As Jeffrey Ptak, head of global manager research at Morningstar, found: “The ensuing years tend to be unkind to funds [that gain 100% or more in a calendar year]. The average fund tumbled to a 9.9% loss in the year following, a 17.5% annual loss in the two subsequent years and a 16.6% per year loss in the three years that followed.”


I just message ARK asking if and when the ETFs will be available suggesting there are hundreds if not thousands on UK trading platforms actively wanting to invest.

Assuming its ARK who need to do something at least to get the ball rolling. Link below for anyone who wants to do the same. If they have lost funds recently, plus are in the process of setting up ARKX space ETF anyway, now might be a chance to push ARK…

Interesting - I thought European investors could buy US ETFs, if they could prove they were a sophisticated investor.

Seemingly these new brokerages must has forgotten that they need to confirm this and allowed you to purchase, even with a European address.

Please could you add $ARKK $ARKQ $ARKF to ISA account

No they can’t.

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In Portugal, Spain and Italy, common retail investors have access to Ark ETFs.

For example on some Portuguese Investment Banks:

  • English version of Banco Best

  • Portuguese version of Banco Invest

Imagine if there were ETPs of Ark ETFs? :wink:

And if these ETPs could be leverage or inverse? :wink:

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SPCE barely cracked the Top 20 of ARKX :thinking:

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I am disappointed by this ETF. They even added Netflix, in a Space ETF… Really?

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