Allow investing into pies with less than the minimum amount

Currently the minimum investment for a pie depends on the size of the smallest slice.

This can be restrictive for pies that contain small slices. E.g. a stock with 0.5% allocation in a pie requires 200 minimum investment.


When the amount to be invested is less the minimum, invest in some of the stocks in the pie - the ones that are most underweight.

A pie with two constituents:

  1. 99% Stock A
  2. 1% Stock B

Let’s say we want to invest €10. Currently that’s not possible, we’d need €100.
With my proposal, the 10 would be invested proportionally to the most underweight asset. This can be 100% in Stock A, 100% in Stock B, or some in stock A and some in stock B.

This will make having pies with very small allocations to certain stocks feasible.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail your suggestion and for providing an example. We’ll consider your feedback :ok_hand:


Stupid workaround which i just figured out is to manually invest in one of the stock in a pie, importing that into pie and rebalance afterwards. Con is that you cant control the rebalancing in a way how would you do by investing in pie (proportional/self-balancing/custom).

Invest how much though?

Invest whatever full amount you want to add to pie :slight_smile: