Pie minimum amount improvement when self balancing

Let’s say I have a pie with the following target allocations:

  1. Security A: 90%
  2. Security B: 10%

Since the lowest is 10%, the minimum amount that can be invested is €10, so that 10% of €10 is €1 which is the minimum amount that can be invested. All good so far.

Now let’s assume that the actual allocation has drifted because Security B has been performing better than A, and that investing €X and choosing self balancing would invest all €X into security A.

Currently, even though no funds will be invested into Security B, T212 still requires €10 minimum.

In this case, since all funds would go into a single security, the minimum investment should be €1.

If there are more instruments, the calculation for the minimum amount should take into account the percentage of the funds that will be invested into each security.

Implementing this would mean altering the entire logic behind the AutoInvest function. Nonetheless, I see where you’re coming from, so I’ll pass your feedback along fo further consideration :v:

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I don’t think that’s true because AutoInvest has no self balancing option.

Thanks for passing it on.