Invest and rebalance

Whenever I invest in a pie, I would like to invest in a way that it rebalances the pie. While we can have a 2 step process for it - first invest and rebalance or vice versa, we lose transaction fee on buying something that’s already high in the pie and then selling it.

Can we have something that rebalances the pie while investing? (Invest only the remaining amount needed in each share. Sell only if necessary)

Yes we have.
Go to your Pie, click invest, enter your sum and at the fund distribution intead of by targets select self-balancing. This will buy more of the underweight stocks. This method never sells anything.

Click on the drop-menu and you get:



@Rygel answer is spot on! :pray:

In addition, there’s more information in the Help Centre article here in case you are looking for more functionalities.