Alphabet class a and c

Hi guys is it a smart move to invest in class a and c and potentially double your investment lol

That’s not how it works, you won’t be doubling your investment in % terms.

It’s just different share classes and for the most part they move the exact same way. Just voting structure is different.

No dman is right. If you buy a share in class A, and a share in class B, you will have two shares, or double the amount of shares if you only bought one.


Logically that’s how it appears!

I did say % terms,

100 in A
100 in C

Making 10% on each thats 10£ so 20£ in total
If you put 200£ In just one share class, that’s still 10% so that’s 20£

Well yes, but actually no. Why not put all your money in either class A or class C?

Not all of your money but my point is if c returns are simular to a why not put money in both considering alphabet is a great company!

Because it’s a bit like buying a single Banana from Morrison’s and Tescos. You could just buy two bananas in the first store and end up with the same result.

It is also difficult to apply arbitrage between the lines as well.

It’s the same thing Dman

Asides from votes

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I wondered what the real difference was a while back.

A you get votes, C you don’t, but if you use 212 you don’t anyways.

There maybe some liquidity differences as I’m guessing the institutions will favour the A class for the votes?

I tend to favour shares with votes (of any company), even if T212 does not currently allow us to exercise those votes. There could be a difference in case of takeover/acquisition or someone partially buying the shares with voting rights.

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If we’re talking avocados however, I only go for Tesco, I find other supermarkets to be inferior. They just don’t ripen or peel well.

@Dman @EquityInvestor If you use Revolut, you get voting rights. At least that was the case when I used it a couple of years ago starting my stocks journey.

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Never buy the Aldi ones!

Literally never. It wasn’t even worth bringing up. They never ripen and always taste off. Desperate; a real pain in the hass you might say.

What about the Lidl ones? My mom and sister seem to always buy them but half the time it just gets left in my fridge…

What a beautiful transition from Google to bananas. :sweat_smile: :ok_hand:t3:


I never used lidl for anything but if we talk about “little” there is a specie of bananas(anamur) grown in Turkey, which are smaller (about half the size of a regular supermarket banana) but they are so sweet they’ll knock your teeth over :slight_smile:

'twas actually supermarket stock comparison by the merit of their bananas until I side stepped the conversation

I think when they’re advertised as ripen at home, you may need to live in a tropical climate.


Those ripen at home plums never turn out great from any supermarket. I always go for the ripe and ready to eat variety

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About Doubling your investment, by buying two different asset classes I wish it was true :smiley: :smiley:

If it was true, then there were a lot of people would be doing that as it would be one the greatest arbitrage opportunity.

The authoritatve source is from Investopedia.