Class A, B, C Shares

I’m new to trading 212 and I was wondering what is the difference between class a, class b and class c shares.

As I understand it, the main difference is the voting and dividend rights they have. Usually all shares have dividend rights but some have more voting rights than other, which can be very important in case of a takeover. I would recommend always buying shares with significant voting rights, even if they are more expensive.

Hopefully someone gives you a more detailed and specific reply, explaining the different letters. I do not know them off the top of my head, I always research the ones for a specific company (eg. Google/Alphabet and Volkswagen issue more than 1 type of share).

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unless you’re planning to acquire a significant portion of the company I don’t see a point in getting voting powers as everything will be decided by the majority share holders. might as well buy the slightly cheaper shares without votes so you can get more of them for dividends and capital gains.


Some companies cancel or do not give dividends, or these are tiny. With the “voting rights” you know that you will have a very good option to sell shares in the event of a takeover. This is my personal view.

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