Google A vs C shares

Aware that A gives you vote rights and C doesnt, however this makes no difference to me, however oddly A are currently cheaper than C, so is it best to just go with A on price, or some negative now to that? Looking at an entry to google (alphabet) at some point and this small dip has prompted another look.


Shares with voting rights will always be slightly more expensive and the bigger the company the less the difference.

Shares with voting power will spike hard if/when there is a hostile takeover attempt, but this is unlikely for a company as big as Alphabet

There are rare other conditions that may increase voter share values as well i.e a split vote on a company spin off, but these are unlikely to happen on this gigantic established companies.

So the fact that GOOGL (voting rights) are actually $5 cheaper than non voting means should go with GOOGL if make an entry, interesting, thanks.

ugh… sorry I skimmed through your question and did not notice you mentioning A is cheaper than C

there is absolutely no reason not to buy A in that case but I also found an answer like this from reddit from 10 months ago, when this happened again apparently.

“At this point in the company’s timeline Class A voting barely matters because Page and Brin control more than 50% of all votes through their Class B shares.”

so i guess they randomly have small discrepancies? :man_shrugging:

The difference reason is very simple.
It’s called supply and demand.

Yes its just odd that if all things are equal other than voting rights then for them to be the same or voting to be up slightly would make sense, but for voting to be cheaper just felt odd.