Am I reading correctly

Banco De SadaBell

Current price €0.3170
P/E Ratio 2.24
Dividend payout 5.95%


From your screenshot, yes. Yahoo gives slightly different figures. I’ve never heard of them though so would need to do a lot of research to see if I’d want to buy into the company.

Oh wow :rofl: 0.04 haha! This why I never know whether to trust t212 stats, I’ve done a little research and they seem like they mess with the big players ibm etc just launched insurance on what’s app, but 8th April said not paying a dividend for 2020 but that’s cool gives em time to stock up for when they do, only because of pandemic but on dividend max you buy 100 shares you get €2.00 dividend, 100 shares is like 30 pound. 2 times a year dividend €4 Annually decent