Yahoo or T212 prices?

What price is most up to date and accurate?
These were both screen shot at the same time. Both tracking differently and at different prices?

You can see that the screenshot on the right (from Yahoo Finance) is “LSE Delayed Price.”


Whilst checking on google, T212 has similar pricing.

Yeah of course see that now :+1:t2:

Yes Google appears to be more uptown date

Not only the delayed price shown.

The T212 is the best ask

Yahoo is the last trade (could have been a buy or sell, this is what someone paid).

I find Yahoo good for general monitoring and news but with UK shares they aren’t the best, often the LSE listed UK shares dont have as much info or accurate info compared to the US shares.

Just use investing . com to check prices, it’s real-time and free (unlike most providers). I use it to cross-check with T212 all the time.

T212 is generally more reliable than Yahoo and Google (and most online providers) too.


Does investing(.com) have real time UK prices?

Yup. All LSE prices are live, as far as I know.

Ah, good to know (most places have LSE / Euronext prices with a 15min delay). Thanks!

Just to point it out again T212 shows what is being asked.

Think of it like a fruit and veg stall.

How much for an apple?

I want £1 per apple (that is the ask)

Hm, I’ll give you 90p

Ok, fine, 90p, deal. (That is the last trade)

T212 would show £1 being asked. Yahoo/Google etc will show the 90p

The seller then goes well I’ll now try and get 95p and that becomes the new ask.

You might then get a buyer hitting that ask and paying the full 95p


Just had a look. Really like the look of that site. Thanks for the tip

i don’t see the point of checking other sites for prices, as they won’t let you trade at those prices. ultimately even if you’re seeing things apart by millions of pounds, it won’t matter as T212’s platform won’t be trading at the price. for challenging/assessing T212’s spread, yes that would be a relevant question. hope that helps.

Just mentioning T212 use Bloomberg as their data provider to give the best ask which is the live “buy” price.

The spread that Bloomberg provides is the raw spread. T212 don’t adjust or touch this in Invest/ISA.

Hopefully everyone understands the best ask is just indicative. So a market order will get you the best possible execution possible. Obviously a limit needs to be filled at the price specificed or better.

There’s a lot of new trader misconception that T212 are setting the spread or they are executing the trades.

For TOTV all they do is pass the request to IBs API. For OTC you will get the same fill or better. Re fractionals / value orders

It’s worth learning about market makers and the order book (level 2) for what happens.

interesting. how do they make money if they do not add a spread?

Via the spread in CFD, and from share lending in Invest. Also 0.5% on CFD FX.

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hmmm, i have my doubts on whether they only apply spreads to CFDs. don’t think it is lucrative given how many people use CFDs as opposed to the other 2 platforms. i will humbly accept if i’m wrong but i’ll let someone from T212 clear the air here even though you clearly seem to know a lot more than me :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely no changes to the spread in Invest/ISA. :slightly_smiling_face:

Essentially T212 have one onimbus account with IB. So if we have collectively 10000 TSLA that’s what it would show in their account.

As always the best ask is an indication so there’s usually movement. If you have L2 you can see the orders stacked up moving all the time.

probably the best financial site…loads of financial info also…covers everything