Android app crashing [In Review]

Good morning all…

This morning when opening the app on android i was asked to enter my password which doesn’t usually happen. Then the app crashes.

I’ve restarted my phone but still happening. Any idea how to fix?

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Thank you for the heads up! The issue has already been located, it has to do with an older version of Android, you can expect a fix to be applied later today.

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This is also happening to me and just to give a heads up I am on the most recent very recentish version of Android.

Android version: 10
Android security patch level: 1 July 2020
Google system update: 292900700
Google play system update: 2020-09-01
Kernel version: 4.9.179-perf+

@Matt_C updated, most recent up until 15 days ago :wink:

You mean latest 10, cause I think this is the latest :joy:

v11 is 15 days old. I am almost certain they mean something older than 10 when they say “older version of android” :slight_smile:

Well, yes you have a point or two there. I guess I’m just being pedantic on the use of “most recent release”. I blame it on my work :joy:

Thanks for the response @Theo. Any ideas of an ETA? :slight_smile:

All we’re waiting for is an approval from Google Play to release the new version, which we should receive later today. :crossed_fingers: