Extra Information on Dividends in History

Could you please include the date paid out, exchange rate and amount of tax paid when looking at dividend information in the history section?

Currently, Orders in other currencies show the Exchange Rate and if a UK Stock then the Stamp Duty paid.

Dividends are missing the exchange rate, and tax paid. For example, US Stocks seem to charge around 15% tax to UK customers, looking on Yahoo Finance I can see the pre-tax dividend amount, whereas Trading212 only shows the post-tax amount per share.

Also, it appears that the number of shares in the history is based on the Date Received (in T212 account), rather then the date the dividend was paid out/calculated on (by the company). It would be nice to have both dates, rather than just the one we receive the dividend on.

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Yep, I know it’s development that does nothing for the bottom line, but the reports really are lacking.

Just being able to export stuff to excel would be a start.