Another find the difference puzzle

Whats the difference and how does it matter folks?

Group vs Corp.

Probably different legal entities.

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What does it mean for the investor/trader?

I’m just guessing without looking any deeper but I would think Softbank Group is the parent company that presides over Corp and a bunch of other subsidiaries that are perhaps not named similarly. That might explain the difference in price, given Group is the bigger company.

If that’s right, then if you invest in Group you are investing in essentially all its businesses to a degree, whereas if you invest in Corp, you are just investing in whatever business that ‘child’ company is engaged in.

That make sense?

Benefits of either;

Group - if ANY of its child companies have news, these will reflect proportionately in this stock’s price

Corp - will only reflect the news specific to itself and none of the Groups wider sub-companies

Risks of either;

Group - impacted by news regarding several subsidiaries, where Corp is not

Corp - does not benefit from news of Groups other ‘children’

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That was helpful, ty @Joey_Fantana !

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Only if I’m right. :wink:

A lot of that is assumption, but assumption based on my general understanding of parent and subsidiary companies.

There you go, here’s a breakdown;

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