Difference between 2 stocks


Whst is the difference between Liberty Global (Virgin Media owners) Class A and Class C shares?
They both have the same financial information but their share price is slightly different.

I’m not sure of which I should invest in. @Team212

It’s about the type of share. Ordinary or preferred. You have the right of vote only of you own ordinary shares, that’s why they’re a little more expensive. For investment purpose, it’s identical of you buy one type or another. It’s quite common, by the way. It’s what happens with GOOG and GOOGL for Alphabet or RDSA and RDSB for Royal Dutch Shell.


Actually RDSB and RDSA are two separate shares, one being the Dutch part of the company and the other being the UK based part. They used to be two separate companies before they merged but they chose to keep the shares separate anyway, and you should choose based on the tax implications. A better example for common/preferred shares would be VOW and VOW3

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