Any advice for buying on the dump? / Any HLAG peeps?

So I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to spot potential pump and dumps. I’ve made some and lost some.

I’m pretty good at spotting the pump, and staying on the right side.

What I’m struggling with is buying back on the dump.

Ive had a few successful but a few mistimed like MRNA. Bought in at 71 on the first dip rather than second dip at 65.

Today with HLAG I’ve made a rookie mistake in buying way too soon on open.

I originally spotted on the 12th and realised that the report was due on the 15th so people would start dumping on the 14th.

I sat on my hands at the first 147 dip and almost bought at 157 thinking I’d missed it with the 35 drop.

I waited and sure enough another 20% wiped off. I bought today at an avg 125 after thinking well it’s dropped 20 something euros and looks like it’s going to recover now. As you can see 121 on close so a 4% loss atm. :see_no_evil: the only positive is it’s looking flat.

I’m now slightly worried I’ve again missed the bottom again.

It started from 185 and now at 121, so 64 down.

I’m now hoping for a +10 temporary swing tomorrow to exit. Is that too greedy?

Bit worried I’m going to see -10 and 110 instead and end up either cutting my losses or waiting patiently for a +15 to break even back at 125.

Where would you set the stop on this, originally I had it at 115 but now at 100. As it almost collected on a 118 blip.

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Well I chose to get out of it on open and glad I did as it’s a mess.

Feel sorry for those that bought in ~180 without a stop loss set. If they aren’t paying attention that’s half the value gone poof. Will be a long wait to go back to those amounts.

Time to have a go with POG tomorrow when/if it drops on the news.

You mad lad haha :smiley:

My mind: “It’s only a loss if I sell :raised_hands:

Well, I bought in on WTI oil at $1.7 and stupidly sold wayyyy to early. 100% gain straight down the drain. :’(

GGP got me a few pound, but it’s sitting doing nothing so that’s not much to report on. Hopefully they get more news down the road.

Havn’t touched MRNA but it’s been a heck of a rollercoaster seeing it now and again pop up.
Knowing my luck though, if I bought it’d end up like a Luckin Coffee lol

GL buddy, hope you get lucky :money_mouth_face:

I had a gut feeling something was about to go down so I bailed with only £50 down the drain.

It’s gone from 185 to 92 euro in just a few days. :boom: :firecracker: :fire:

Some people will have lost a lot or will be holding for a fucking long time.

I did well on POG today, wasn’t a dump but excellent news. Learning from missing the boat with the dip on GGP, any news pretty much will generate a sell on the day. I picked up a nice average under 23p and that’ll be up 5p in a few days. :crossed_fingers:

That should net me a hundred or so on a quick small swing, so you win some and lose some. :man_shrugging:

I’ve got so much to learn.


Could be worse though. Carl Icaan is down 1.5Billion on Hertz lol
and Buffett looks to be selling everything to pass the gauntlet on to the next person in line.

Even the big names are taking a hit it seems.