Confused by Chart

Hey, can anyone help please?

I’m confused by the high-low data. it says the day high is 388.1 however I sold my stock at 401 so thats definitely not right. Am I reading it wrong or is it a bug?

Is this not on an hour chart rather than a 24hr chart?

Hey Cashurkash, Thanks for the reply.

It is on the hour chart, my understanding was that the high and low was for the day.

I tried changing to the 1d, 4h and 1m chart to see if that changed anything and it kept the same values.

Sorry mate just looking at that pic I thought maybe that’s all it was. Confusing to say the least. Was it the swap position at all?

No need for apologies :slight_smile: I thought exactly the same thing at first :slight_smile: at this point I didn’t have a position open, and earlier in the day it had been much much higher. RR is taking a nose-dive but then again everything seems to be today.

Everything except luckin coffee :see_no_evil: taking a dive in sell price but buy price seems to want to go higher :crazy_face: driving me insane