SHLL to HYLL guesses?

Hi all, I’ve just bought a few shares of Tortoise acquisition ahead of ticker change tomorrow in the hopes of doubling my money to buy some other shares.
I know it’s pure guesswork but I am just wondering whether people reckon it will hit its peak price tonight just before end of trading or whether tomorrow’s session would be better for profits?

Thanks a lot folks

And I hate to burst the bubble but I think a 100% boost is highly unlikely, given the majority of its growth has already occurred in the run up to the merger.

GRAF became VLDR yesterday and promptly plummetted by 20% as folk ‘sold the news’. I’m not saying I think the same will happen with SHLL but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some form of sell off.

My own PT for this is $60-70, but that is definitely not what I expect on ticker change day. More likely to reach that in a week or two if at all. The VLDR nonsense yesterday has really thrown me.

Don’t mean to take the wind out of your sails but perhaps better to go into this with a broader set of expectations.

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No that’s great to know thanks Joey, I thought $100 a share was Probably too much but it’s a figure I keep seeing thrown around.

I may try and hold out for $70 then and if not I’ll just keep the shares as they seem a decent company to hold long term anyway.

Thanks again

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$70 is my stretch goal. Like I say with the market as it is, nothing surprises anymore and this could just sink to the 20s tomorrow. The company is solid though so it all comes down to how long you’re willing to hold.

I certainly intend to skim some profits, but will be keeping a chunk invested.

Promising news. Every day is a school day.

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Just because you see people throwing around numbers doesn’t mean they have any actual foundation.
The CEO of IBIO Inc., Tom Isett, made a joke about the price target at 125$ referring to his golf score and people keep repeating that number without knowing the history of it.

The stock trades around 2$ currently with a float of 117m and 328m market cap.

Edit: corrected gold to golf. typo.

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