Customer Service Number

Is there a customer care telephone number that someone actually answers? Given the recent RH drama

What RH drama? What does RH mean?

It means (probably) Robinhood

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I hear you - my experiance with chat support is that they have been reasonably quick to respond.

But it would be good to hear what Trading 212 would do in that senario?

My Major concern is that there is no 2FA / MFA when you access Trading212 via the webpage.

So have a strong passphrase, be smart about your business online, don’t click funny things and you will be safe.

I hear you @Vedran but passwords are not enough these days. If that was the case, then you would see that in business Amazon AWS / Microsoft or even in personal Banking, they would just enforce strong passphrases.


Business has incentive to sell products aka 2fa/mfa solution, rather then tell the truth, that education of people is required.

Same type of attacks which hurt the password authentication, hurt the 2fa authentication.

Social engineering/phishing.

You just get false sense of safely with 2fa.

On top of all, with T212, you are protected with AML measures. Meaning worst case scenario, hacker can sell your assets, move funds to CFD and place bets/loss money. For each sold asset you get notification, so should be able to react.

Because he won’t be able to withdraw money anywhere but to your bank account.

you are basically saying dont have a second lock on your front door or have a seocnd front door just have a complicated key.
Dont know why you are so against it MFA - its not a conspiracy theory - it provides a second layer of defence.

Well I ain’t against 2fa itself, just against same folks that demand 2fa but store their credentials in browser or in app :slight_smile:

Just bcz they used some crypto app which happened to have 2fa. :slight_smile:

Here is a good read: