Support for multi factor authentication

Lack of multi factor authentication feature on a trading platform is really a big concern and a big security risk given the fact that security breaches are very common these days. The recent breach happened at robinhood should really serve as the wake up call for 212 to introduce the feature.

Users should be given ability to enable 2nd factor at-least for the following

  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Updating the account details
  • Selling items on the portfolio
  • Rebalancing Pie

The Passcode lock/Face ID doesn’t stop people from accessing account using a pwned password.


2FA is coming tomorrow.


Thanks George.

I’m sure you’ll be glad to stop getting nagged about it :wink:

Oh god, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Been waiting for this before investing more.

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great news, thank you 212 team :heavy_plus_sign:

Great news is that 2fa can be disabled.

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