Any energy specialists?

I’ve been scorned for being a mere trader by someone who considers himself better, as an “Investor”.

Energy, by which I mean oil and gas - I know nothing of alternatives - , strikes me as midway between the two. We can read which way things are turning, with Saudis restricting output (officially at least) by get better prices, and Russia … . Though the US is increasing output.
We have the aircon in warm weather, and the autumn coming on, and no shortage of informes opinion.
It may be proved wrong, but it doesn’t feel as fickle a sector as many others.
The oil stocks have been bumpy in the last days, but “experts” say the prices are going up.
Natural Gas too - it was on the news last week. I bought some 3x leveraged gas , 3NGL. Though I’m conscious that it needs checking every day, an odd flat day wouldn’t be disastrous. 58% in the last 3 or 4 days. . I know dividends can be good, but I don’t think that good?

I’lm expecting to leave money there for a little while, unless “something happens”. I think a price collapse is unlikely. When there seems to be stability, it’ll come out.

Day trading oil, either WTI (Texas) or Brent Crude, I found the resistance/support levels fairly predictable, as they’re often on whole or half numbers of dollars per barrel. Scrolling back, the levels are the same as before, like in 2012, for example!

I’d be interested to know if anyone pays special attention. It seems there are decades of complications.

There are several risk factors with the oil and gas industry.

  • There is additional capacity out there to increase volumes in the market, especially from the Saudi’s but they are limiting production.
  • With higher oil/gas prices, it’s actually financially viable and currently cheaper in some instances to invest in renewables.
  • Global warming - we need to move away from carbon energy and to greener fuel.
  • Its costly to search for new oilfields.

The entire thing is a difficult balancing act.

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Thanks. There are cetainly many factors at work, another one is a mood in Australia for going on strike, which it’s thought would restrict their LNG output.
Too hard! I’ll read what other people write about it

From a mercenary point of view, gas and oil seem to have merits: they’re moderately predictable, the price moves are significant, and there are those Leveraged etfs to use. As some (HEO, OIL, NGS) are traded 24/5 (ish), there are few gaps such as provoked by gurning Muskrats. As far as I’ve seen, nothing too drastic happens at the weekend.
Today was a day to sit things out after the stops were hammered, but that’s ok, it’ll be back.
I did try a -3x gas ETF, but with a 5% spread mid day, I think I’ll pass. Plus, CFD has trailing stop losses.

Apart from
ordering differences and
different outcomes in a loss-making scenario,
I’m not sure I’ll use those Leveraged products more.

Trading hours generally, are given here, though I’m not sure if T212 follows that.

Russia has found a way around the price cap - charge a lot for delivery!

Quite what they thought would happen if they didn’t stick to the cap, I don’t know