Something for the future? EAVOR Geothermals (BP/SHELL interested)

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Something I’m always interested in (clean energy) and maybe others on T212 as well - this article on Eavor looks useful, still in it’s infancy but if it gets traction hopefully a future energy winner long term.

BP & Shell have this on their radar in small investments ($40M R&D) moving away from hydrocarbons etc. Has to be good for BP/Shell as well.

Quick links:
MarketWatch - Eavor
SEC report

Recharge article


Thanks for sharing this, they have a great video and interesting concept (that I have little technical understanding of haha!). Glad to see BP investing in projects like this. It mentions on market watch that BP/Chevron invested but they worked with Shell, so guessing Shell arent a shareholder? I only own BP now as sold Shell so just curious about that.
Also any word on how much of the company BP and Chevron bought?

Thanks for sharing, definitely gonna look into it

2 questions:

What are the geological/geographical etc. requirements for a suitable location. Can you use this tech virtually anywhere?

How many watts does one plant produce?

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Hi Hbomb, I’m still looking into Eavor at the moment - trying to get more financial data but it’s scarce from the company itself, I’m looking through SEC posted stuff and trying to locate anything via BP/Chevron/Shell sites etc. I own BP also and it’s about 17% of my portfolio, I have not looked into companies this early before but it’s quite interesting, if I find anything more I’ll update, cheers.

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Hi JLT :slight_smile:
Very good questions, seems to be usable anywhere and they point out a positive of use of existing wells that have failed or not been successful. I think they are just looking for any use case that’s possible.

Costs aiming for -
Eavor (pronounced ‘ever’) believes it will be able to provide gigawatts of baseload and dispatchable renewable energy anywhere in the world for less than $50/MWh by the end of the decade, making its technology cost-competitive with natural gas and coal. And it has already proven its concepts in a pilot project, Eavor-Lite, that has been operating in Alberta, Canada, since last December 2020.

Recharge article

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