Any long term investors here?

No problem. By outdated I meant e.g. not prepared to deal with “new” investment types such as P2P investments, robo-advisors etc.

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The trouble with the UK is it just keeps being reformed which gives investors no real level of long term security. At least you know what your taxes will be in 10 years

The small property investors have paid the biggest price to this in recent years, 25 year mortgages and the tax changes more than the interest rate

I have been using T212 for at least a year and I have never had any concerns. I have also been using Hargreaves and Landsdown for over a year as well and I can say that I have a lot of concerns there! The thing is, regardless of what platform you use, as more and more people use the same platform there are always bound to be issues for some people. Trading 212 are very much genuine and are regulated by the FCA. You can check it on the FCA website. As with all technology, there will always be issues from time to time but my experience with T212 is that they have been able to resolve them. But my advice to you is that do your due diligence first before committing your hard earned money. Unfortunately ratings and reviews on various websites are not always the best sources of information. Try regulatory government sites to see if a company you want to deal with has any problems.

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I’ve withdrawn money many times and never had any issues.

How long it takes depends how much you’re taking out… examples:

£1000 will generally be approved almost instantly and arrive in the bank within a day.

£10000 will take a few days (I presume more manual checks).

T212 is a reputable company… ( as reputable as any in the finance industry :wink: )


Very strange post, almost like a fake post from a competitor. There are many areas on which Trading 212 can and should improve but the two in your post : Withdrawing Money and Positions closed without consent are not complaints I ever see on here or on the App’s Google Play ratings.

If you want to do CFDs then read all the small print like any investor should - if you don’t you will end up complaining in the same manner you would on any CFD platform !

Personally I love the platform - it is the easiest to operate quickly and withdrawn funds arrive next day.

But there are many things missing : being able to add to a watchlist from anywhere is probably the most requested feature that is still not implemented. Reporting is poor also, but personally I use StockMarketEye on Windows for tracking and reporting on my positions. The web version is also very slow at logging in compared to the Android app.

I also have FreeTrade and eToro but as someone who invests as much into European stocks as US stocks, there is no equal in terms of value for money and speed of trade than Trading 212.


I’m new in this investing thing and alI did was type on google t212 reviews and it led me to trustpilot and if you scroll a bit you’ll see what I’m talking about, but like someone here said there may be haters from other companies adding those reviews.

I had the same issues and I think I was very pain in the neck of the team but here are few points.

  1. Regarding security of your money
  2. There is a problem with address verification, do it before depositing your funds, if your address has been verified then there should be no problem. I have more than 12k Euro invested and I am continuously investing more money.

Nothing is 100% perfect and everything has gap for improvement but I am very glad to the T212 team that they listen to you, they make sure that the problem has been resolved. Yeah people on the app support are bit annoying and don’t really read your queries and send you automated replies.

I mean, I am very satisfied with this app. I hope it may have cleared some doubts.

You’re welcome to see my portfolio

Most of the complaints I see regarding Trading 212 seem to be directed at the CFD platform, not the investing side. Reading through the comments on this forum it’s clear that many people just do not understand the difference between these two platforms which if I’m honest, is more than a little worrying.

I personally love the Trading 212 investing app and I think it’s one of the best things to happen in the U.K. investing landscape for years…it still needs improvement (especially with reporting) but so far I’m happy with the progress of the platform.

When it comes to the trading side, I did have a brief look (admittedly some time ago) and I personally didn’t even consider it a platform worth bothering with, although that may have changed now. I’m sure that even today I got an alert about margin requirements being increased, I’ve also heard many complaining about unreasonable spreads. The one thing that is unforgivable on a trading platform is constantly poor execution speeds for placed orders/trades. To be honest I tend to stick with what works for me, I’ve used various platforms for trading for years and it would have taken something special from 212 for me to add them to my list of trading brokers…they came nowhere close.


I agree, I’ve been damming on their customer service and relations but they did transfer my isa in 2 days…so swings and round abouts. The spreads, leverage cfd issue all exists on other platforms that also change their leverage, to be honest amateur traders shouldn’t go anywhere near cfds.

I haven’t had the issue but the only thing they need to sort ASAP is the not cancelling pending orders, that really is unforgivable. Thankfully I haven’t experienced this and I’ve got quite a large account and my £40k buys on nasdaq when through in seconds.

To be honest t212s main selling point for most half experienced investors is the 0 fx charge on buying $ stocks in an isa. Moving to t212 saves me 1% round-trip fees vs ig. On that 50k buy thats £500 I’ve saved in a second. Personally I think t212 needs to spend less time on adding the gimmicks, and shd shout out about the thing that sets them apart from 99% of other brokers.

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