T212 for long term investing(10+ years)

Guys i consider t212 for my investing long term but just dont know if it can be trusted since we dont have any info out about their financials.Am i jsut overthinking everything (iv read all posts,forums, even talk to their chat) and all says its regulated and fine. But i want to be safe in 10 years and not sell my stocks to go elsewhere.


I am also investing long term. T212 is perfectly safe. Trading 212 uses Interactive Brokers as their custodian.


The company has a UK and European based entity. All the UK financial are published on companies House.

In the UK your money is covered by the FSCS up to £85k and for European investors you have up to €20k protection via the ICF in Cyprus.

  1. We do have access to their financials.
  2. If you understand the regulations that allow a broker like 212 to offer the services they they do, then you have little need to worry. In particular the part about segregation of client assets.

I use 212 for long term investing, but that said I’ve only been here around 2 years to date, but do have an ISA and GIA account.


Hi all

I am investing in T212 long term too
I too have GiA and Isa account and very happy with this platform for allowing us to use fractional to invest in the markets.
I will not hesitate to recommend T212 to all my friends too.
I am investing mainly in Divi shares to get dividend and to live on that I have been building it slowly and I started since 2020.
Have a fab 2023 investing year