Any new s on IGG, down over 10%

Results are good but not above expectations? Or something else not yet known to public?

Yeah, T212 is coming :joy::joy:. But on a serious note, that’s just how the market goes sometimes. Prices behave in strange ways for no apparent reason

Price alert I kept longtime back triggered, otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. I read 1mil shares entered market, not clear what it really means.

The group have stated that they expect lower than current levels of trading activity later this year. I guess investors think it’s a good time to pull profits. Dividend wasn’t raised despite larger profits, perhaps meaning that they don’t want to maintain a higher ratio due to forcasted reduction in activity. All of this is just my guess as to why it’s gone down.

Not sure where you read the million shares thing, couldn’t find anything.

Glad I sold to buy Tesla, but that’s not doing as well as I’d hoped.