Outrageously Slow Execution Times

I sat and watched the stock rise by 2% before my trade was executed, it took over 2 minutes. This is outrageously slow. What on earth is going on T212?

What stock was it ofc, I assume a US?

Tesla in an ISA account

Did you have a limit buy or market? Market you’re playing a risky game with it gapping up on open :rocket:

Looks like its taking off again.

I used the value invest option to invest a set amount. I just can’t comprehend how T212 thinks it’s okay to leave people waiting minutes for their orders to be executed. I always defend their service to the hilt as I believe in it but this is unacceptable and it’s not the first time this has happened to me nor other people.

Also get in on Tesla before their Q2 earnings report and their inclusion in to the S&P 500, thank me later haha

If they aren’t included can I hold you responsible?

If that happens, I’ll have gone in to hiding so if you can find me, take me for all I’m worth (it won’t be much at that point lol)

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For what it’s worth i did see this rumor floating around.