Any rare-earth metals ETFs out there?

Do you know of any issuer providing rare-earth metals ETFs ?
Couldn’t find any… :thinking:
Thanks for your help !


Intrigued to know too.

I just did a quick Google and saw REMX

Looks like LAC and LTHM which I have, I don’t think Lithium is classed as a REM :thinking: anyway have KOD too for luck.

UEC looks to be doing well.


Not any EtF or rare but worth a look is yellowcake Uranium.

On Trading 212 there is BATG for rare metals concerning battery manufacturing

American resources Corp (AREC) have started into rare earth metals this year

If I got that right, they are doing it through another company called American Rare Earth LLC, right ? It’s not listed.

As I understand they own that company

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VanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF (REMX).
It has the most valuable China’s mining companies.

It might be great have some ticket like Venus Metals Corp (VMC) as well.