Anyone have problems with app showing incorrect Return?


Am I the only one having problems with the return figure still showing a major loss even when the current price is way over the green line?

I’ve also had an issue yesterday where I sold at £34 up and when it executed it showed I lost -£17 when the price didn’t even drop to that amount.

I would check order FX rate, in history. Then would compare to current FX rate GBX/USD…

Hi Vedran,

Thanks for your reply.

I bought by price averaging over 7 orders.

I assumed that the green line took into consideration of the FX rates (plus other fees likes stamp duty in the UK) and as long as you are above the line you should be in profit?

Line shows current Stock value in USD, your account currency is GBP. Meaning you still need to convert to GBP when selling. Thus FX rate affects profit loss. So even if price value is above the paid price, you can incur loss, vise versa it can happen that price drops below, but you are in profit due to positive FX rate change…

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Thank you so much!

Makes complete sense now.