Have I got this wrong?

OK looking at my list of shares, the ones in green are like £0.01 £0.96 £0.16 and so on, so if I add them I get £1.13.
So when I added all my list up I got £4.62 but according to the box at the top my profit was £2.41 at the end of the day, so what am I doing wrong.


Did you check the FX impact?

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Just click (desktop) or tap (smartphone) current return at a share you own.

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I’m on a PC and I haven’t got that anywhere.

You can see it in the beta: https://live.trading212.com/beta

Applies to all stocks other than the currency of your account.

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so do I have to switch back to the beta to see that then, what a pain?

Yes, the old UI doesn’t show it.

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Didn’t realise I was on the old UI, I thought I had the new one, OK I’ll switch over when I fathom out how to do it thank you.

Hmm, At the bottom I have a option that says Switch to the old AP, so I am on the new one.

I will take a guess, assuming you have US stocks if you look closely you will see green values change all the time, even if the market is closed, this is because the currency is changing all the time (you can see this if you go to the CFD side and click on forex then GBP/USD) and the profits are updating based on this. by the time you added your green prices if you were slow they might have changed to not match the profit at the top, this would only explain a small difference however. I think forex hours are from 12 midday to midnight so maybe try this before midday and see how it goes.

I was adding up my GB stocks in £’s at the end of the day after the market had closed.

When I click on CFD it ask if I want to practice or start trading.

interesting, only thing I can think of is you did a trade during the day so this was included in the return while not showing in your investment list hence the difference.

just go to practice CFD and you can see the forex markets in there but since you are dealing in GDP there is no conversion going on.

No I am in the UK and my currency is in pounds.

to cross check take every investment and subtract the green part for each then add them together, that should equal the ‘invested’ value at the top.

So going off what you people are telling me, in this screenshot where it say £0.59 it isn’t true, so why is it showing that amount?


I did add them all together and like i said above my total was £4.62 but T212 said it was £2.41

there are 2 values at the top. ‘invested’ and ‘return’ , so you can check the invested part too. in this case take 5.64 - 0.59 = 5.05, do this for each investment then add them and you should get the ‘invested’ value

Do you mean this part, it is changing now as I look at it by a few pence hear and there.


When I said £2.41 it has risen since the market closed.

yes, since it is changing it seems like there is some currency conversion going on I guess, all of your stocks are on the London stock exchange?

No, I have 3 on NYSE and 1 on Deutsche Borsa, the rest are on London.

The ones I added up earlier were all my UK stocks in £’s

well they are constantly being updated because of currency so that could explain it. if you click on any of the NYSE ones, below the chart you have ‘Your Investment’ section with a ‘return’ and next to it is an ‘i’ in a circle, click that and you will see the FX impact like Chantal showed earlier in this thread.

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Ah, now I see it, I never looked at that before, it was changing as I looked at it as well.


Well after a lot of to and from you got me there and explained it, thank you for your patience in helping me, I appreciate it.