Profit/Loss Shown on App is wrong

I have shares in Microsoft. Bought price is 204.63. On the app when the Microsoft share price (SELL) was 204.14, the app was showing it as a £2 profit.

Thought this was odd, so went on desktop app which was showing it correctly (i.e. I wasnt in the money but still in the red).

Please could someone explain why?

Edit - just followed desktop more closely and it looks aligned. Is this due to FX rate?

More than likely it’s FX rate.

I have been both sides of this recently. Ie: Price below the price bought at, but in profit.

Being a US stock paid in USD, the conversion to GBP might be the reason for the profit.
FX is live and changing, so up and down swings like this are more than likely attributed to currency exchange.

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