Anyone seen that Robin Hood force closed GME positions on their account?

That must be highly illegal surely?

Also check out the timing of the trade on the day.

Difficult to say, but it says to protect from a negative balance. What negative balance would you get from holding a share?

You cant, unless you are MM and buy shares to cover option calls or you lend your clients stocks to hedge funds?

Honestly i dont know. I dont take part in this clown fiesta but i like to watch it from my seat. However T212 adds more and more questions about their reliability, software and approach to retail investors (clients). Which to be fair looks atrocious so far…

I think it might come out that RH were forced by their partners to close the positions and sell the order flow.

I don’t have an issue with 212. Reliability/Software has been tested across the board. I’ve had Fidelity go down on me this week, which I would think with their charges be the most reliable. What we are seeing is unprecidented.