Robinhood/trading 212 liquidity crisis?

Robinhood taps into several hundred millions of dollars from its credit lines through banks including JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs amid recent market activity.

Are trading 212 in similar situation? Please give us some assurance.


Worst case you are protected by FSCS. Don’t worry about it.

Only your cash is protected by FSCS. Shares are held in Interactive Brokers account and would be fully protected.

See here: Long term investing reassurance (hopefully) - #16 by Dao

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Can someone please clarify?

Do trading 212 have liquidity issue like Robinhood?

News about Robinhood and how it maybe in a deep hole making me nervous.

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Have a look at chrisgrounds response above.

We need to hear from senior management.

I’m seeing people suggesting that Robinhood users take their money out in case they go under.

Just want to know if we are safe with trading 212.

AlexK from 212 has already replied and answered your question previously on post 19 of the thread chrisgrounds supplied.

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Only if they would reply to tags. wtd?

The person that responded is not from the senior management team.

Hoping someone from the management team will respond and assure us that our funds are safe with trading 212.

Robinhood do clearing in-house, that is the core of their ‘liquidity’ issue - T212 do not.