GME - Will you be allowing buys tomorrow?


Just wandering if you can confirm you will allow buy orders for $GME tomorrow? I see RH in America will be allowing buys tomorrow.

I’ve had to use curseword free[sh#t]trade
to place a buy order and wasn’t impressed with their lack of a decent graph!

Cheers guys, keep up the good work emphasized text


I doubt it based on watching this, but IB might need to U-turn as he’s basically admitted manipulation by stopping the short squeeze.

I wonder if the T212 devs are thinking how fast can we switch out the API to another provider with all the issues in the past few months.


People are already buying shares of AMC for tomorrow on Robinhood so they will drive the price up but I want to be a part of it, how can I help from UK?


Are they really protecting retail investors by making GME & AMC closed position?
Getting second thoughts on trading 212…

You can use Freetrade, apparently they use their own platform, only bad thing is you need the premium subscription, and you’ll be able to trade them. And they also have a fx fee of 0.45% when you buy and sell non GBP stocks.