Are bank transfer deposits processed at a certain time of day?


I’m trying to figure out if there is any predictability to the timing of the processing of bank transfer deposits into my Invest account. I made three transfers on the same day, all from a UK based account via faster payments. Two of the transfers appeared in my account on the same day, while the third has still not appeared by 11am the following day.

Here are the transaction sent/recieved times -

  • Sent 6:19, recieved 10:10 same day
  • Sent 13:21, recieved 15:21 same day
  • Sent 14:14, still not recieved as of 11:00 the following day

Are transfers processed at predictable times of day once recieved at the Trading 212 Barclays account?


Well even if there is logic behind all transaction, T212 gives disclaimer regarding bank wire taking up to 2-3 days.

I take rule of thumb, if I want same day funds to appear, to make transaction early in the morning.

Yes, I’m aware T212 state 2-3 days, however with a UK to UK faster payment the funds (usually) land in T212’s account more or less instantly, so the remainder of the process is entirely within their control. This is the bit I’m curious about.

Well a lot of people here are based UK, myself not , but still I use Revolut which is Lloyds so, Uk to Uk.

There was no absolute rule on transfers, most come in 2 hours from execution, some take day, on rare ocasions 2-3 days, maybe it is related to AML compliance, good luck in pursuing clearer answer. :slight_smile:

You are lucky. I initiated a transfer on 06.05, exactly a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I use Monese and that takes around a day to reach Trading212, but even with manual processing it cannot take so long. I have already written support as this is the second time it is delayed a week.

This is not really acceptable, as much as I appreciate this platform at the moment!

Well Monese has Belgian IBAN for EUR account, or Romanian IBAN for RON. So it is not UK to UK, plus 08.05 was bank holiday in UK.

We are talking Uk to Uk transfers. That is why Revolut beats Transferwise or Monese in speed of transfer, due to having Lloyds as bank.

Anyhow I would say EUR to EUR should be pretty fast even cross border, are you using RON to RON?

It is Belgium (that is where Monese has the bank accounts in preparation for Brexit). But I know from experience it takes around 24 business hours for the transfer to happen (I also transferred to an other UK account). I think I will switch to card transfer although that offers less flexibility for me.

Now waiting more than 24 hours for the last deposit I made yesterday, which was sent only an hour after a deposit from the same account which posted within a couple of hours.

I guess that answers the first part of the question. It’s a shame T212 can’t be more consistent about this. I will attempt to fund via card wherever possible in future.

That’s something we’ve been working on, but there isn’t a really a straightforward workaround: different banks include different information in the payment, which affects the instant allocation.

  • Sometimes the names in the invoice differ from the clients’ information which we have on our end, e.g. the bank is showing John D., while the name which we see here is John Doe Fergusson;

  • The allocation becomes even more challenging when the account ID is missing;

  • Note that the banks are limiting the number of symbols visible on our end. So if you add something like John Doe, deposit, account ID: 123456789 in the description field, then we’ll most likely only see the following: John Doe, deposit, account ID: 12

Hence the reason why, as an estimate, the bank deposits take about 2-3 business days to be processed. Nonetheless, we have something in mind already. In the meantime, it is extremely helpful if you just send us the bank statement of the transaction - that way we’ll trace the funds much easier. :v:


Hy guys! For my first transfer with revolut I wait 1 week. I made the second transfer Monday how you can see in picture attached but the money still aren’t visible to my account. What I am doing wrong? I am wondering if my mistake is at details transfer: instead of “Reference code xxxxxxx” I have to put directly “xxxxxxx” Any ideas?

bank transfers differ per bank and country. for example a lot of UK banks will transfer to each other within 1-3 hours, sometimes its faster. but banks across borders can take more time like 3 days I believe.

as long as you can fit the code into the datafield and T212 can tell its the reference you shouldn’t have much issues having the funds assigned to your account. so even “reference xxxxxxx” in theory would be good enough.

these are counted in business days so sending on a friday will have you waiting til monday before the chain proceeds. I can only think revolut has a timing issue regarding transfers.

Maybe the reason is first transfer in, more security checks?

I personally use Revolut, I just put my Reference ID not the text. Usually gets visible in few hours. Few times next day, once 3-4 days…

I think it’s better to put just reference number, without text. But maybe someone from t212 could explain better, is it automated process or they manually rearrange payments to client account.

1 complete week and still counting…