Are EV and EV related industries good industries to invest?

Might be according to this .

Biden sets goal for 50% of new US vehicles to be electric by 2030

The “Green Energy Revolution” is Creating Massive Global Demand for Lithium — its Most Precious Commodity
Unfortunately, 80% of the World’s Lithium Market is Currently Controlled by Communist China.

He specifically mention “Electric”.
There are also other industries such as Lithium mining, nickel, copper, rare earth materials, EV Battery, EV charging, semiconductor where the future of EV industries will also depend on.
To me it does not really matter whether they are currently not making profit as long as they already have products, manufacturing facility ready everywhere, good financial backup where the owner have a lot of stakes, reasonable number of workforces. Keep in mind for the companies like this if they go bancrupt, the first one to suffer and making a big loss are the mastermind.
I will avoid scammers, clown companies Like Nikola (NKLA) or Theranos which are selling the dream.

Not an awful lot of lithium in a battery and it’s not exactly rare. I wouldn’t be too interested in Lithium primarily.

Generally, it’s about 5% lithium the rest being Manganese, Nickel and Cobalt - with copper of course. Teslas cheaper batteries tend to be Iron Phosphate.

Its about 60% of Aussie origin, so not sure what this stat relates to.

I agree with your comment. The author of the article probbaly skew to Lithium due to self interest.

I think what people often refering to where China has a lot of control of is “rare earth materials” rather than specifically related to Lithium.

Ah yeah, that’s right. I think that’s the whole bull case for MP Materials - that the US administration will want a US focused mine doing these things.